How I Became the LinkedIn Campus Editor for Trinity

Managing compassionately is not just a better way to build a team, it’s a better way to build a company.”
– Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

Back in September, the CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, visited Trinity for an event with the Phil. A dynamic personality with charismatic presence, Jeff had all eyes and ears following him throughout the event. During the interview, he spoke about leadership, and the most important quality of leadership— compassion.

I was incredibly inspired by Jeff’s idea of compassion, the role of compassion in leadership and the pivotal role compassion plays in building a company. After the event, I wrote down my encounter with Jeff and posted it on LinkedIn.

The next morning, I woke up to thousands of LinkedIn notifications, with a very special comment from the CEO himself! That one post of mine received explosive engagement, bringing about numerous comments and connections. Among these, I found a comment by the Editor of LinkedIn, Nirajita Banerjee, mentioning the link to the application for the role of  LinkedIn Campus Editor.

I instantly checked out the application, gave myself a few days to work on the answers, and applied for the role. On the 18th of November, I was thrilled to find my name in the confirmed list of LinkedIn Campus Editors for 2018-19.

It is now 3 months since I became a LinkedIn Campus Editor. I have met many wonderful student writers who are passionate about creating content and voicing the opinions of students. My role as a LinkedIn Campus Editor is mainly:

1. Publishing regular original content on LinkedIn for #StudentVoices

2. Encouraging Trinity students to join LinkedIn and be active on the platform

3. Finding the best student writers on campus who want their voices to be heard

4. Inspiring and strategizing with students writers to write, edit and publish content on LinkedIn.

I can say the opportunity started with LinkedIn, and came back a full circle to LinkedIn again. If you love writing, creating content, or having an amazing online profile, contact me on LinkedIn!

And also, if you ever happen to meet Jeff, be ready to answer this question:
“What’s your ultimate dream job?”

If you are on LinkedIn, connect with me and drop me a message by clicking on the link attached to my name at the top of this article.

If you aren’t on LinkedIn, create a profile right away! And of course, contact me for any questions right from setting up the account, writing your biodata, updating your profile to creating awesome content, finding meaningful connections and more!

Also, you can read my post about meeting the CEO of LinkedIn here: